Since the 1920s, neon signs have been the brightest, niftiest and most conspicuous light-based advertising solution. The same can still be said today, even when LED technology has gained in popularity over neon signs and tends to dominate in urban environments. As strange as it may sound, this is exactly the reason why neon signs have come to stand out more, and consequently the demand for them in indoor as well as outdoor advertising solutions is increasing.

Neoonreklaam OÜ, established in 2002, is the only company in Estonia and the Nordics to specialize exclusively on the production of neon signs and tubes, ignoring everything else. Our experts have over 20 years of experience, top-level equipment and the best materials available. We produce neon advertising materials of all kinds, as well as providing a variety of neon lighting solutions, and provide assistance in art or lighting installation projects. We are now well known as subcontractors by the advertising companies of neighbouring countries, especially because it takes specialists with considerable experience to manufacture neon signs.

The economic crisis of the end of the last decade forced us to cut back on expenses significantly, and as LED lights were taking Europe with a storm, most of the neon sign manufacturers in Europe were shut down. Just a handful remained. Out of pure passion and the belief in the resurrection of neon advertising, we kept our equipment functional and it has never been abandoned.
We can proudly report that we are presently producing more neon signs than ever before, and the number of our customers has only been growing over years.

A neon sign – when you need something out of the ordinary…